Free Website Design Software

The Internet has become so much more accessible in recent years. Everyone wants a piece of it and most people do try and make their own website for free. For some this works, for many it is certain to fail by making common mistakes. Not all websites are built the same. The latest technology specification is HTML5 and CSS3, this is an important prerequisite to look for to support responsive design or at least a mobile version. Good quality free designs are not likely to be mobile friendly or responsive. Software takes time to manage to stay compatible.

Internet users only see the front end (1 layer of a website software), when in fact a website is software sat upon many layers of other software. When a layer changes due to a source code function being depreciated the system breaks and website errors occur.

Free websites typically consist of one starter page, for a one month trial. You can have as many pages as you need with most CMS platforms, however adding more pages to a free website will cost money, so the only progression is to move onto premium monthly plans. Each distinct product or service needs its own webpage. Creating something special and unique takes time. Publishing good content is a delicate blend of science and art.

With a free website you’ll find there are many restrictions. Add-on extras such as more pages, new layouts, better templates, WhoIs privacy, transfers, locks, upgrades can soon double the bill. Not to mention the time it takes. Complete our questionnaire to discover if free website design packages are right for you. If you have great idea, but no capital, you could get one built for free on us!

The big four hosting firms tease free web designs to attract new customers. After purchasing, the useful tools and features have add-on prices, which often entail buying one more product after another to build a site. It’s hard to avoid their upsells. Which are worth getting and for how long? We know their web site builder strengths and weaknesses and will recommend the best hosting and products for your project. No hidden costs. No waiting on chat support to undo errors. You benefit from their brands and hosting through our Agency and can take control as you please or take the next step in putting your site to work. Big things have small beginnings.