Wix Website Builder

When a new website is born, realisation dawns upon the owner. There’s no content! The role of a website builder is not to create content, but to create the framework structures that houses the content.

Take Wix website builder, it can walk through the set-up process and build the website in minutes. The website builder set-up wizard is going to create a carbon copy of a template and insert the data (business name and details) you enter into HTML tags, titles, and other placeholders across a new blank website.

Wix Editor

Editing and creating SEO rich website content, takes time, experience and the right tools. You’ll want to hire somebody with at least 3-years web design experience.

Touch screen devices are particularly fiddly when it comes to copying and pasting website text. Wix website builder has mobile friendly design editor, which lets you check how the page appears on mobile phones. One simply can’t just create tiny text and squash things.

Wix Mobile Designer

Touch screen editing can be cumbersome. To build a website quick, use a computer with keyboard, mouse and monitor. Then see how it looks on your mobile.

Traditionally to build a great website you needed great coding skills, but these days website builder software can automate the process and manage the assets for you.

When your website is completed, the next stage is to get customers to your website by means of organic traffic from Bing and Google
web search user’s who happen to be searching for something related to your domain. Organic traffic happens very slowly. SEO can increase the number and frequency of visitors to your domain.

Wix has a built in SEO plan to get you started. See the screen below. The steps are simple: Add keywords, unique page titles and descriptions. Then add Google Analytics tracking, allow Wix to connect to Google WMT and when you get to the end, the last button is hire an SEO Expert.

Wix SEO Plan – Hire an Expert
Wix Search Engine Optimization Wizard

Best features of a Free Website Builder

  • Drag and drop toolbox components
  • Easy to use content management system
  • No coding skills necessary
  • Social media connected
  • Ready to go free web designs
  • Royalty-free assets – “the right to use copyright material or intellectual property without the need to pay royalties or license.”

A free website builder might be a good place to start. However, new web site owners rarely know exactly what is required, that’s because our needs, priorities or main objectives change as we become more knowledgeable.

With free website builders, you’ll find the add-on extras such as hosting web space & bandwidth, business email, analytics, site back-up / restore and a range of other upgrades can soon turn a free website into a useless money pit. Not to mention the time it takes. Moving a website to a new home is technically difficult.


The big four hosting firms tease smart features to attract new customers. After purchasing, the useful tools and features have add-on prices, which often entail buying one more product after another to build a site. It’s hard to avoid their upsells.

Which features are worth getting and for how long? We know their web site builder strengths and weaknesses and will recommend the best hosting and products for your project. No hidden costs. No waiting on chat support to undo errors. You benefit from their brands and hosting through our Agency and can take control as you please or take the next step in putting your site to work.

It is not enough to do your best; you must know what to do, and then do your best – W. Edwards Deming

A free website builder does have advantages, but they lack freedom for complete control available with custom made websites having a cpanel.

Control Panel
cPanel Linux, Mobile and Desktop Editor

The front end of this website is powered by WordPress CMS. cPanel software on the back end provides additional hosting configurations and access to code.