How Much to Hire a Wix Web Designer?

Wix Website Creation – Fully Managed £499 per year (UK)

Becoming a household name through TV advertising, Wix hosted websites boast a credible library of success stories. From first-time website owner’s, to experienced IT professionals. Wix is a really great platform.

Making web design easier, has been a long time coming ironing out technical barriers… flash back to the year 1995. However, one big advantage with technical barriers was the lack of competition. Register a domain, configure a web server, publish a basic webpage and hey presto – you could appear at the top of Google search in under 1 week (with a little know-how). Hosting configurations, and DNS settings on Wix are all taken care of.

Bring your idea to life: Frustration free.

Things have progressed now, a basic website just wouldn’t impress customers. Wix websites have a plethora of javascript to provide essential features. Wix website builder makes building a website virtually child’s play. Children have plenty of time to play, adults do not.

Wix Editor Help

Running a Wix website take time. Lots of time. Do you have unlimited time to learn or would you rather be spending time on keeping your business running?

Wix websites need continual maintenance

  • Security alerts – urgent software updates
  • Google updates
  • Webdesign content changes
  • Uploading and resizing images
  • Mobile design issues
  • iOS, Android, Chrome, Internet explorer bugs…

Not to mention emails, opening hours, and all other problems with running a business.

No time for your Website? Hire a professional Wix Web Designer. Let us build and manage your Wix site for £499 per year, within the UK.

Let the Journey Begin

Step 1) Place your order *Limit number available

Step 2) Complete a form questionnaire. 

Step 3) You choose the theme, colours – we show you the mockup pages, once you have approved, we’ll go live within 5-working days.

Step 4) Promoting your new website.


Packages include 1 domain, hosting, FREE Logo plus Icon Set (March 19 promo), SEO Friendly content created, UX design, Google Webmaster + Ads + 3-months advertising and marketing plan. Our professional expertise in e-commerce covering 15 years.

  • Brochure style business website
  • Wix Popular: Unlimited Bandwidth, 10GB Storage, $75 Ad Vouchers. Google Analytics
  • 5 Pages, Content Design + Navigation.
  • Technical set-up by us so the website is ready to go live.
  • 3 month advertising and marketing plan bespoke.
  • Hello World SEO.
  • If you need us to fix, restyle, manage domain transfers we’ll do it FAST & FREE for the first 30 days. Thereafter we will provide 2 hours per month for all other tasks until the anniversary. Reach us by email or telephone. You are free to takeover at any time or let us take your site to the next level in year 2.
Hire a Wix Web Designer
Hire a Wix Web Designer in Bristol

* Domain names are subject to availability. Tip: Quirky names have increased in popularity because most 1, 2 and 3 word domain names have been taken. * Ads voucher is for new Adwords customers.

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