Q: What’s the advantages of All-in-1 Web Package? A: The big four hosting firms tease lush web designs to attract new customers. After purchasing, the useful tools and features have add-on prices, which often entail buying one more product after another to build a site. It’s hard to avoid their upsells. Which are worth getting and for how long? We know their web site builder strengths and weaknesses and will recommend the best hosting and products for your project. No hidden costs. No waiting on chat support to undo errors. We do all the work. You benefit from their brands and hosting through our Agency and can take control as you please or take the next step in putting your site to work.

Q: How many landing pages can I have? A:  You can have as many pages as you need on Wix. Creating something special and unique takes time. Each type of Page Design is template for pages having similar layout.

Brochure websites should have 5 pages: Home page, product & services page, contact us page, about us page and one of either a blog | news page | promo page | testimonials page.

Q: How much should a small business starter website costs? A: The cost varies depending on the number of pages. A basic 1-page Godaddy website costs from £89 per year. However, new customers rarely know exactly what is required, that’s because our needs, priorities and main objectives change as we become more knowledgeable. With a basic website you’ll find the add-on extras such as WhoIs privacy, transfers, locks, upgrades can soon double the bill. Not to mention the time it takes. If you multiply your hourly rate by hours, weeks and months you have a best guess answer. Technology evolves, change is inevitable. Ask us about fully managed Websites.

Q: What about SEO? A: We know how important it is to make your business visible. Do not follow out of date advice on the internet. Ask us about SEO.

Q: What guidance do I need? A: Consultancy is vital and provides a solid ground to start from and grow your business. We do not publish our Expertise. When you buy a Web Package from us, we are here for you from the start. We will advise you and warn you of frequent mistakes to avoid, unlike other Web Agency firms.

Q: Can anyone build a website? A: Yes. Most people do try and make their own. For some this works, for many it is certain to fail by making common mistakes. More than 1.2 billion websites exist, having 286 billion webpages. Publishing good content is a delicate blend of science, art and experience.

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Packages include a domain, content created, UX design, Google Webmaster + Ads + Marketing and 1-Year Hosting. *Limit number available
Responsive Web Designs, all in 1 small business broucher

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Tip: Quirky domain names have increased in popularity since finding a good example.com or example.co.uk domain name can prove challenging. Avoid unpopular extensions such as example.uk.com

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