Can Anyone Build A Website?

Can anyone build a Website? Yes. Most people do try and make their own. For some this works, for many it is certain to fail by making common mistakes.

If you’ve heard the saying – “it is what’s inside that counts”, then consider this the main priority of a website.

Beauty is only skin-deep. It is what’s inside that counts.

More than 1.2 billion websites exist, having 286 billion webpages. Publishing good content is a delicate blend of science and experience.

You need experience to create great web page content. There are many ways to ruin a ready made Wix site – trust me I’ve seen it happen over the past year.

A ready-made website built from a web builder template such as Squarespace, Wix, WordPress, Joomla or any other builder might look fantastic for starters, but actually, it is an empty shell. Lots of others just like it will exist.

Each page needs different content, which takes time to generate. Not only time in creating, but time in reviewing, as things change over time, the more pages, the more time it takes to keep webpages relevant.

One of the biggest problems with SEO and the Internet is bad advice left behind. Webmasters do not have time to update no longer applicable how-to guides. There is also a risk factor. Refreshing an old webpage can result in complete loss of traffic.

Traffic is the lifeblood of websites, without a good amount of quality free traffic, websites will most likely be abandoned. Quality traffic means real people; not computer generated artificial traffic which shows up as visitors in site logs.

The current lifecycle of a Web design is short, expect 1-2 years before for a full redesign, often a change of hosting as well. Technology evolves and website software needs frequent updates or it will no longer function. The good news is that Small businesses tend to grow fast after launching a better website.

Popular websites run by well known brands will be updated almost daily; they are in constant development and continually being fed new content.

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Can anyone build a website