5-Minute History of Web Design

Flash back to the year 1995: Microsoft Front Page was a free website builder tool included with Microsoft Office. Besides that, to build a website, most techies (me included) would open a plain text editor and create the syntax manually to build a html page.

Publishing a website back then was technical battle between owner’s and hosts. Hosting company’s tech support are not there to teach you how to put your site online or fix a problem. IT support is time expensive.

However, one big advantage due to the technical nature of early websites was the lack of competition coupled with the rising popularity of Google.com

During the dot com boom in the millennium a new generation of internet tech savvy superstars emerged: Simply rinse and repeat – buy a new domain, publish a very basic webpage, and hey presto your page could appear at the top of Google search in less than one week, with a little SEO know-how.

As Technology keeps progressing, many technical tasks have been fully systematised, allowing developers to build easy to use front end controls for hosting accounts on GoDaddy, Hostgator and Wix to automatically alter Hosting configurations, and DNS settings. Many other technical aspects relating to web server and email configurations have now reached the point where no previous knowledge is assumed. Wix has you covered.

Web 2.0 added many exciting new technologies which were soon embraced by our love for social media websites.